Taurus 605 Magnum Revolver


Taurus 605 .357 Magnum Revolver

  • MFR#: Pick an option below
  • UPC: Pick an option below
  • CALIBER: .357mag/ .38spl
  • CAPACITY: 5 rounds
  • TYPE: Revolver
  • SIGHTS: Fixed
  • CASE: Cardboard


Taurus 605 .357 Magnum Revolver

The Taurus 605 .357 , is a five-shot small frame revolver that is perfect for concealed carry or personal defense.  The Taurus 605 is available in black, and matte stainless finish.


  • Small frame.
  • 2″ barrel.
  • 5 round capacity.
  • Fixed sights.
  • Therefore, Taurus 605 Magnum Revolver.
  • Double action or Single action.
  • Rubber grips.
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  • .357mag or .38spl
  • Steel frame.
  • Available in Black oxide finish or Matte Stainless finish.

Taurus 605 .357 Magnum Revolver

MFR#: Black: 2-605021, Matte Stainless: 2-605029

UPC: Black: 725327203018, Matte Stainless: 725327203025

This is a serial firearm and must ship to an FFL dealer. Please have your FFL dealer either fax or email a copy of their FFL license to us. Email: ffl@acefirearmsshop.com


The Taurus 605 Stainless Steel 357 Magnum Handgun offers reliable performance in a compact design perfect for home defense or concealed carry. This small handgun features an overall length of 6.5 inches and a two-inch barrel with a lightweight design ideal for all-day carrying or compact storage. The built-in Taurus Security System® allows the handgun to be locked down and made inoperable with the turn of a key, preventing accidental discharge or unauthorized use. A unique transfer bar safety prevents the hammer from making contact with the firing pin unless the trigger is fully pulled, further reducing the chance of misfires.

This 357 Mag pistol offers easy care and maintenance and can be cleaned and lubricated without disassembly. Capable of shooting both 357 Magnum and .38 special rounds, this compact handgun offers versatility while its lightweight design allows for improved maneuverability. Perfect for concealed carry and home defense, the Taurus 605 Stainless Steel 357 Magnum Handgun delivers dependability and improved safety features in a sleek, slim design.

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