Weatherby Select Plus 378 Weatherby Magnum 20rd Ammo




The Weatherby Select Plus 378 was designed by Roy Weatherby in 1953. It was an original belted magnum design with no parent case, inspired by the .416 Rigby and headspacing of the belted .375 H&H Magnum. The 215 magnum rifle primer was developed by gold grillz custom specifically for this round.

Length: 9 cm
Case length: 7 cm
Rifling twist: 1 in 12
Bullet diameter: .375 in (9.5 mm)
Neck diameter: .399 in (10.1 mm)
Base diameter: .582 in (14.8 mm)
Shoulder diameter:.560 in (14.2 mm)

Weatherby Select Plus 378 Guide to Safety:

One of your most critical responsibilities is to keep your weapon securely put away. It’s a profession that requires your whole attention. Moreover, Always store your firearm and ammo in separate, secure locations where children and other uninvited visitors cannot access them.

When not in use, keep your pistol secured and unloaded. Always keep your weapon secured and out of the hands of intruders. This is for your own and other people’s protection. Keep your gun secured, unloaded, and out of reach at all times. For additional information on how to maintain a warehouse safe, see the “Safe Storage and Transportation” section below.

Handling a Gun and Trigger Safely:

  • Never assume that a gun is unloaded.
  • No one should ever raise a gun at another person.
  • Before pulling the trigger, be sure your finger is totally straight and not on the trigger.
  • Load the rifle only when you’re ready to fire.
  • Before loading and firing, make sure the barrel is clean of anything.
  • If the gun does not fire when you pull the trigger, keep it in the firing position for a few seconds before gently emptying it while directing the muzzle away from yourself.


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