Taurus TX22 22LR 4″ Barrel


Taurus TX22 22LR with two 16 round magazines 

  • MFR#: 1-TX22141
  • UPC: 725327932017
  • MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 16 rounds
  • # OF MAGS: Two
  • TYPE: Semi Auto Pistol
  • SIGHTS: Adjustable rear and fixed front white dot sights
  • CASE: Cardboard


Taurus TX22 For Sale

The Taurus TX22 22LR 4″ Barrel is the newest rimfire offering from Taurus.  The TX22 is the most advanced 22LR rimfire pistol on the market. Engineered to deliver best in class accuracy and reliability, this rimfire polymer sporting pistol shoots and feels every bit like a custom-tuned competition model without any costly upgrades or modifications.

From the short, smooth pull of its precision-designed Taurus Pittman Trigger System (PTS) to the built-in comfort of its ergonomic grip, the TX22 is one performance-driven full-size rimfire pistol that is ready to race right out of the box.


  • 4.1″ barrel.
  • Single action only trigger.
  • Striker block, manual safety, and trigger safety.
  • Adjustable rear and fixed front white dot sights.
  • Two 16 round magazines.

Taurus TX22 22LR with two 16 round magazines 

MFR#: 1-TX22141

UPC: 725327932017

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First of all, .22 LR ammo is inexpensive. When I was a boy I remember going to the local hardware store with my brothers where each shelled out thirty-­five cents for a box of fifty .22s. This portion of our weekly allowance enabled the three of us to enjoy. An afternoon of plinking with our single shot .22 rifles. While the price of .22s has gone up since then, even the most prudent shooter can afford them without engendering the displeasure of their bank manager.


Guide to Safety Taurus TX22 22LR 4″ Barrel:

One of your most critical responsibilities is to keep your cci 200 primers securely put away. It’s a profession that requires your whole attention. Always store your firearm and ammo in separate, secure locations where children and other uninvited visitors cannot access them.

When not in use, keep your pistol secured and unloaded. Always keep your weapon secured and out of the hands of intruders. This is for your own and other people’s protection. Keep your gun secured, unloaded, and out of reach at all times. For additional information on how to maintain a warehouse safe, see the “Safe Storage and Transportation” section below.

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