Henry Non-NFA Lever-Action in .410 ‘The Axe’




“Our Henry Non-NFA Lever-Action pistols have been a popular choice among shooting sports enthusiasts for many years now, mainly because they’re so fun to shoot and the fact that they look like they came right out of a Western movie.” said Anthony Imperato, President and owner of Henry Repeating Arms. “The Axe shares a similar form factor to our Mare’s Leg with some added features for more versatility.”

The Lever Action Axe .410 stresses the importance of a unique firearm that’s fun to use in a recreational setting. But it also provides great utility. With a barrel length of just under 16 inches, and 26 inches overall, the Axe stores in many places. This compact stature opens the possibilities of where the red dot powder can be stored and used.

The magazine holds five rounds of 2.5-inch .410 shells. Shooters can also continuously top off the magazine via the side loading gat without the need to remove the magazine tube. The round blued steel barrel features a polished brass bead front sight. The threaded barrel also utilizes Invector-style chokes. A removable full choke comes with the Axe. Lastly, the bottom of the American walnut axe handle grip features engraving of the Henry Repeating Arms cowboy logo.


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