Maxim PDX AR-15 Pistol 5.56/223, 5.5″ Barrel, Hate Brake, Black, PDW Brace, 20rd Mag




Maxim PDX AR-15 Pistol, PDX Pistol, Semi-automatic,5.56 NATO / 223 Rem, 5.5″ Barrel, Aluminum Frame, Hate Brake, Black Finish, SCW PDW Brace, 20Rd 

Uses Maxim’s HateBrake, which combines a linear compensator with a substantial blast-director device.

Born from the SOCOM PDW solicitation, the NEW Maxim Defense PDX is designed to handle the fierce demands of the Tier 1 community. The PDX dominates close-quarter encounters and achieves maximum energy on target. At just 18.75″ in overall length, the PDX delivers groundbreaking power and performance in a subcompact platform.

  • Category : Specialty
  • Type : AR Pistol
  • Action : Semi-Automatic
  • Caliber : 5.56 NATO
  • Barrel Length : 10.5″
  • Capacity : 20+1
  • Grips : Black Polymer
  • Sights : None, Optic Ready
  • Weight : 5.1 lbs
  • Metal Finish : Black


Guide to Safety Maxim PDX AR-15 Pistol :

One of your most critical responsibilities is to keep your gun dog supply securely put away. It’s a profession that requires your whole attention. Always store your firearm and ammo in separate, secure locations where children and other uninvited visitors cannot access them.

When not in use, keep your pistol secured and unloaded. Always keep your weapon secured and out of the hands of intruders. This is for your own and other people’s protection. Keep your gun secured, unloaded, and out of reach at all times. For additional information on how to maintain a warehouse safe, see the “Safe Storage and Transportation” section below.


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