Canik TP9 Elite SC 9mm Tungsten


Canik TP9 Elite SC 9mm Tungsten

  • MFR#: HG5610T-N
  • UPC: 787450596733
  • CALIBER: 9mm
  • MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 12 & 15 round
  • # OF MAGS: One 12 and one 15 round
  • TYPE: Semi Auto Pistol
  • SIGHTS: Blackout rear and phosphorous front white dot sight
  • CASE: Hard Plastic Case




Canik TP9 Elite SC for sale, this canik tp9 elite sc threaded barrel for sale gives you all the great features of the TP9 Elite. With the ability to convert the cheap gun range from a subcompact to a compact with just the insertion of the 15 round magazine, that includes a finger rest and matching grip texture gives the shooter “two guns in one”.

The TP9 Elite SC has many nice features. Most clever, perhaps, the gun comes with both a 12-round magazine with a finger rest and a 15-round magazine that has an extension. This latter magazine docks into the grip and matches the texture and design of the subcompact’s leading edge, thereby converting the hunting gun online into a compact. Thus it has a 12+1 or 15+1 capacity. The magazines have counting holes, by the way, which is an always appreciated nice touch. By the way, 10-round and 18-round magazines are also available for the TP9 Elite SC.

Canik TP9 Elite SC- 9mm Tungsten for sale

Looking for a subcompact striker-fired canik tp9 elite sc for sale near me made in Turkey on the Black Sea? The Canik TP9 Elite SC semi-automatic pistol is just that. But beyond its exotic origins, it’s a very nice piece of work that’s affordable, sturdy, nice looking without being over the top in any area. This and other Caniks are imported by Century International Arms (of Delray Beach, Florida) and tweaked at their manufacturing center in Georgia, Vermont. You can’t miss this name since it’s recessed prominently into the slide. Interestingly, Georgia, Vermont is on another body of water: Lake Champlain.

So back to the gun. It’s named after its place of origin in Turkey. The gun has the kind of ambitious cutting-edge styling you might expect out of Germany or the Czech Republic. But it’s easy to forget that Turkey also has a massive arms industry in part to supply its army, which is the second largest in NATO. So the TP9 Elite SC has a modern, high-tech design. The slide has a flat top. It’s beautifully cut down for the front two thirds and has long lateral bevels on both sides that connect to vertical flanks.


  • Match grade nitride coated barrel.
  • Interchangeable back strap in 2 sizes (small and large).
  • Blackout rear and phosphorous front white dot sight.
  • Optics-ready slide.
  • Reversible magazine release.
  • Weight-reducing front and rear slide serrations for positive-traction handling.
  • Accessory under-barrel rail.
  • Tungsten Cerakote over nitride slide finish
  • Small parts and internal components nitride or high-wear nickel-coated.
  • Comes with two magazines: one 12rd + optional finger rest base plate and one 15rd with extended baseplate.
  • Concealed carry holster with reversible clips for IWB and OWB use.

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