300 REMINGTON ULTRA MAG is your best choice for 300 Remington Ultra Mag ammo!  We offer you a multitude of choices with todays high performance bullets.  Our recommendations are as follows.

Medium Size Game:

  • Berger VLD  Exceptional accuracy! Great for deer size game, rapid upset and violent terminal expansion.
  • Hornady ELD-X  Reliable and dependable expansion, an excellent choice.
  • Barnes TSX/Tipped TSX & LRX  Deep penetration and exceptional accuracy.
  • Nolser Accubond – Bonded core bullet that offers gun shop near me a nice balance of quick expansion and good penetration.

Large Game: 

  • Barnes TSX/Tipped TSX & LRX – These all Cooper bullets deliver deep penetration and excellent accuracy.  A great choice for elk and African plains game.
  • Swift A-Frame – One of the finest hunting bullets ever designed.  Deep penetration, exceptional weight retention and reliable expansion make for outstanding terminal performance.
  • Nosler Accubond – A great bullet for long range hunting, with its high ballistic coefficient and bonded core, it delivers consistent accuracy and expansion. tinks hunting products

Muzzle velocities as follows:

  • 125gr & 130gr bullets – 3600 FPS
  • 150gr bullets – 3400 FPS
  • 155gr bullets – 3350 FPS
  • 165gr & 168gr bullets – 3300 FPS
  • 175gr bullets – 3250 FPS
  • 180gr bullets – 3200 FPS
  • 190gr bullets – 3150 FPS
  • 200gr bullets – 3100 FPS
  • 210gr bullets – 3000 FPS

With our “Extreme” Custom Ammo we take no shortcuts and cut no corners as we bring you the finest ammo money can buy, each round is built one at a time to assure each cartridge meets our exceedingly high standards of performance so that when you pull the trigger your ammunition will not let you down!


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