Taurus 692 Tracker 3″ 7 shot Revolver 38spl/357mag/9mm


Taurus 692 Tracker 3″ 7 shot Revolver 38spl/357mag/9mm

  • MFR#: 2-692031
  • UPC: 725327616023
  • TYPE: Revolver
  • SIGHTS: Adjustable rear and fixed front sights
  • CASE: Cardboard




Taurus 692 Tracker 3″ 7 shot Revolver 38spl/357mag/9mm

Taurus 692 Tracker 3″ 7 shot Revolver, is a new revolver offering from Taurus. Moreover, The 7-shot Taurus Multi-Caliber 692 revolver is designed for reliable everyday carry with its 3-inch barrel. The 692 offers the ability to change the caliber from 38 Special +P/357 Magnum, to 9mm Luger with a simple swap of the cylinder.

This DA/SA revolver features a seven round capacity, making it an ideal companion for personal and home defense as well as simply shooting more rounds at the range. The 692 revolver has adjustable rear sights, spurred hammer and Taurus’ Ribber Grip® that aids in accuracy. The ported barrel manages recoil for quicker target re-acquisition. Stellar clips provide with each revolver and use with 9mm ammunition.

The Model 69 Taurus 692 Tracker 3 is a rare thing in today’s world in that it is the answer to a number of frequently asked questions. Seldom do we get a gun delivered to us that displays useful features and matching function in a chambering that is extremely practical. While it is not a Performance Center gun, it measures up very closely.


  • 3″ barrel.
  • Also, Matte Black Oxide finish.
  • 7 Shot capacity.
  • Taurus 692 Tracker 3
  • Best handgun in the world 2022.
  • 38spl/357mag cylinder, and 9mm cylinder.
  • Therefore it Easy push button cylinder change.
  • Single and Double action trigger.
  • Adjustable rear and fixed front sights.

MFR#: 2-692031

UPC: 725327616023

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